The Church was originally organized as an unincorporated Baptist religious organization sometime during the year of 1913.  The church held services in the homes of its members.  Little was preserved of the history of the church during this period of its initial organization until its reorganization in 1915, under the leadership of Rev. Davis Robinson who is considered to have been the first minister of Friendship.

Rev. Davis Robinson was called in 1915 and served until his death in 1929.  The church moved into its first permanent sanctuary located on the corner of Pratt and Clinton Streets.

Following the death of Rev. Robinson, Rev. Twilus Davis was called in April of 1929.  On January 30, 1930, Rev. Davis obtained a parcel of land located at 146 - 148 Hickory Street near the corner of Clinton Street to be the site of the new sanctuary.  The cornerstone was laid during the year of 1931.  Rev. Davis left Friendship in March of 1938.

In 1939, the church called Rev. Major J. Jenkins of Memphis, TN to service as its third Pastor.  During his pastorate the church purchased a grocery store known as the Friendship Community Market and renovated the sanctuary.  Rev. Jenkins passed away June 23, 1943.

Rev. Clarence L. Franklin was called in 1943 to serve as its fourth Pastor.  On May 26, 1944, the Church purchased a parsonage at 179 Glenwood Avenue, and began a radio ministry broadcast on Sunday mornings.  Rev. Franklin left Friendship in 1946.

The Church called Rev. Richard H. Dixon, Sr. to serve as its fifth Pastor in 1946.  By January 1, 1947, the Church mortgage debt had been retired and the building at 146 - 148 Hickory was improved and renovated.  In 1948, Rev. Dixon left Friendship and organized the Second Temple Baptist Church.

Rev. Edward D. McNeely was called to serve in 1948.  On November 10, 1952, the Church entered into a building contract for the present sanctuary.  Ground was broken on June 7, 1953 and on August 7, 1954, following a parade and motorcade; we marched into the new sanctuary.  The debt was retired in 1965.  In 1967, the Church sold the parsonage at 179 Glenwood Avenue and purchased property at 117 Humboldt Parkway.  Rev. McNeely passed away on August 30, 1977.

Rev. A. Charles Ware was called in July of 1978 to serve at its seventh Pastor.  During his Pastorate, our bus ministry was expanded, land for a parking lot was acquired, the sanctuary was renovated, a garage was built to house the Church's vehicles, Friendship Manor was constructed, also the installation of the lift-a-vator and the completion of the Edward D. McNeely Education Building.  Rev. Ware passed away on July 21, 1998.

Rev. William S. Wilson, Jr. was called in August of 1999 to serve as our eighth Pastor.  During his Pastorate, he created Phat Saturday and Jamm with the Lamb.  Rev. Wilson left Friendship in 2005.

Rev. Daris Dixon-Clark, answered the call to serve as the ninth Pastor of Friendship in January 2007.  Rev. Clark was deeply committed to the Church and the community, as evidenced by his past membership in The Coalition of Urban Pastor of Syracuse, NAACP, and The Empire State Missionary Baptist Convention.  His goal for Friendship was to strengthen us as a unified Body of Christ, as well as a strong leader within the Baptist Community.  His personal mission was to "glorify God through effective preaching and teaching of God's Word and living a life that is a full expression of my God given gifts."

Currently, Friendship is under the leadership of its tenth Pastor, Rev. Edward Jackson, Jr., Friendship will celebrate its 100th Anniversary this year.  Sunday, January 25, 2015 Pastor James Blackburn, Jr., will kickoff the celebration.
Church History
"The Church where Friendship is discovered and Fellowship is enjoyed"
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Mission: To be a unified church, following and abiding in a unified God, so that our unity would compel the world to believe in the Divinity and Lordship of Jesus Christ - John 17:20,21
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